Bradley Zerangue - Owner

Devin Lagrange - WebMaster

James Duos - Sales


Southern Wood Works is a local and in the works of a small business.  Founded by Bradley Zerangue, and James Duos.

Bradley Zerangue: Owner/Builder

James Duos: Sales/Business

Devin Lagrange: Web master

Weather you’re looking to add an additional interior or exterior product to your home, we have a huge variety of beautifully built products.  We are constantly expanding our inventory to cater to our growing list of clients.


Introducing the “pallet furniture”, we reclaim pallets and turn them into one of a kind pieces of furniture.  The finished product is a smooth finish, with the remains of the darkened nail holes  to give it a sleek rustic look.

Introducing the “Outdoor Furniture”, we start off with treated pine lumber, and galvanized hardware to ensure a long life of the product. these products are the ideal thing to place in your back yard for family events such as Birthday parties, cookouts, and just for lounging around.

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